Fiber Optic Access Network Will Be The Main Force Of The Internet Information Highway In The Future

As with the rapid development of social information, fiber optic technology and devices that are dedicated to providing the transfer of a new business for WAN and fiber optic access network. The MSTP and PON developments are the most representative. They are also the best solution to provide various new businesses in MAN and fiber optic access network that are based on fiber optic transmission technology. As water for fish, developments in fiber optic access technology cannot do without the support and development of fiber optic access devices.

Due to the constant updating of fiber optic access technology and the increase in the adherence of manufacturers, today the categories of fiber optic access devices are increasingly evident, mainly divided into three categories:

Fiber optic connection elements, it is applied in telecommunication and computer network terminal connections, related product: fiber optic connection cable, fiber optic connector, etc.
Fiber optic transceiver, used for data transmission of computer network, related products: fiber optic splitter, fiber patch panels, etc.
Fiber optic engineering devices and fiber optic testers, it is especially for large-scale projects, related products: fiber optic fusion splicer, fiber optic testers.
Next we will present these three fiber optic access devices with representative products respectively, they are fiber connection cables, fiber optic splitter, fiber optic fusion splicer.

The fiber optic patch cord (shown in figure) is a fiber optic cable or a fiber optic unit that, without a fiber optic connector, is used in fiber distribution boards on various link roads. Fiber patch cords are also used in local long distance optical networks, data transmission and private network, various test and control systems.

Fiber optic splitter (as shown in the figure), someone calls it as fiber coupler, it belongs to passive optical components, it is used in telecommunication networks, fiber cable TV networks, subscriber loop system. Fiber optic splitters can be divided into a standard coupler (double branch, 1 x 2 unit, that is, the light signal into two powers, for example, 1 × 2 fiber optic splitter, 1 x4 fiber optic splitter, splitter Fiber Optic 1 x 8 and so on), Star / Tree Fiber Dividers and Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM, if the wavelength is high density separation and the wavelength spacing is narrow, belongs to DWDM).

The fiber optic fusion splicer (shown in the figure) is mainly used in telecommunications for the construction and maintenance of fiber optic cables, it is applied to telecommunication operators, engineering companies, private networks, it is also used in the production of passive and active optical devices and fiber optics. fiber splice modules.

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
Above all, fiber optic access devices greatly improve the data transmission and processing capabilities of the fiber optic access network, while providing two benefits:

First, it solved the long-distance transmission problems of the fiber line connection and made its coverage range wider. In this way, you can reduce the number of transit nodes through the entire coverage network and facilitate the network structure.

Second, it met people’s needs for various broadband businesses and improved the quality of new business data. It solved the problem of traditional copper cable access network fundamentally and laid a good foundation for achieving the FTTH dream. I believe that in the future, the fiber optic access network will be the main force of the Internet information highway.

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