Fiber Optics is the Ideal Way in Today’s and Future’s Application

As we see, fiber optic transmission has already been the efficient way of transmitting a wireless signal and an RF signal. Compared to coaxial cable, fiber optic cables have advantages such as less signal loss and less weight, except that it is also cheaper than coaxial cable. For these reasons alone, fiber optics plays an important role in wireless networks. Below, we will introduce various fiber optic products in different applications for you.

Fiber optic transmitter and receiver

The function of the fiber optic transmitter, optical transmitter with AWG, see in the figure, is to transmit the RF signal to an optical signal at 1.3 μm, the input impedance of the fiber optic transmitter is 50Ω and the output is a signal Optic whose brightness is synchronized with the RF voltage. An optical detector internal to the laser transmitter is used to monitor the output power and adjust the laser bias current to maintain a constant average optical output. Maintains consistency in performance, best linearity, and longest system life.

The fiber optic receiver uses a high speed detector and to transmit the optical signal to the RF signal. Generally used with fiber optic transmitter. Low noise linear gain stages boost the signal back to the desired RF level. All of our Welink fiber optic receivers pass consistent tests and maintain stable, long-term performance.

Fiber optic cables and fiber optic connectors

Well, based on the special feature of RF in fiber optic applications, singlemode fiber cable is the ideal choice. The fiber has a core and cladding size of 9 / 125μm, and the fiber optic connector mainly for stability and light coupling. But in RF / fiber optic system, angle polished connectors are used more often, such as APC, UPC. Because of them, they can reduce optical reflections on the connector. At the same time, we need to know that the reflection in the system can cause more noise, dirt, etc., then the connector will cause more loss of the connector, but also reflections. Therefore, the connector should be kept clean, the correct way to stay clean is that with 99% alcohol and lint-free wipes, always replace the ferrule cap when the connector is not in use.


In the public safety of the building, the Welink technology and the Bidi fiber optic transceiver deliver the signal through the fiber optic network for the distribution of the signal in the building. The benefits of fiber optics are endless. Welink’s modular devices transmit the fiber RF signal easily and maintain undistorted communications in the construction of emergency, fire and police RF radio systems. Facing system capacity and improving network reliability. Welink is aiming for a lower, safer and more reliable telecommunications cost for users.

On the military side, today’s global battlefields are sophisticated networks of Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force defense organizations that require robustness, need monitoring and tracking, as well as voice, video, and data communications High quality in meeting these requirements, Welink RF Unmatched performance solution for radio frequency transport applications ranging from low frequency through VHF, UHF to satellite band transmissions. Fiber optic cables provide the best performance for the safety of soldiers in military applications. The figure shows the special connector that can be used in the military application. We are very strict with the design and quality of the fiber optic connector.

With developments in the Internet, wireless LAN technology, and protocols such as IEEE 802.11, Welink fiber optic transceiver technology provides architecture design flexibility, extended radio frequency coverage, and improved performance in the wireless spectrum, and provides greater capacity for wireless users. Welink is doing everything possible to obtain faster and more reliable communication solutions.

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