Fiber Optic Access Network Will Be The Main Force Of The Internet Information Highway In The Future

As with the rapid development of social information, fiber optic technology and devices that are dedicated to providing the transfer of a new business for WAN and fiber optic access network. The MSTP and PON developments are the most representative. They are also the best solution to provide various new businesses in MAN and fiber […]

Fiber Optics Based on Multi Point Fiber Distribution Systems

The multipoint distribution system is the extensive wireless technology used to provide voice, data, Internet and video services. Residential and commercial customers have been assigned for that delivery of broadband services in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration. As a result of the propagation characteristics of the signals, the systems use a network architecture similar to […]

Fiber Optics is the Ideal Way in Today’s and Future’s Application

As we see, fiber optic transmission has already been the efficient way of transmitting a wireless signal and an RF signal. Compared to coaxial cable, fiber optic cables have advantages such as less signal loss and less weight, except that it is also cheaper than coaxial cable. For these reasons alone, fiber optics plays an […]